High-tech know-how for the next generation shipyard

Shipbuilding is a specific activity including two sub-disciplines: cutting parts and cutting large panels for "block" assembly. Cutting parts requires part marking, cutting and beveling with highest possible efficiency and accuracy. Cutting block assembly panels (over 12 meter wide) requires large machines equipped with dedicated tools for plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, grinding, beveling, high-speed text marking and automated handling of panels with different thicknesses. Only ESAB has the experience and technical background to handle these applications.

Products for Shipyards:



The Ultra-Line is a Portable Straight Line Cutter for use with oxy-fuel or plasma cutting torches. [more information]

Sabre DXG

The Sabre DXG is a heavy-duty, low profile gantry designed for high speed plasma and oxy-fuel shape cutting with up to 2 plasma or 8 oxy-fuel stations over cutting widths up to 14 feet.

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Avenger X

The Avenger X large gantry design delivers the speed, accuracy, and flexibility desired by steel service centers, fabricators, ship builders, and equipment manufacturers.  It covers working widths up to 19 feet and unlimited length with up to 12 process tools.

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Avenger 2

Heavy-duty large gantry for oxy-fuel, plasma, beveling, and marking, over cutting widths from 14 to 30 feet.

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Avenger 3

Heavy-duty gantry for cutting, beveling, and marking multiple plates in high production environments.

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Telerex™ TXB

The Telerex™ is designed for large working areas requiring fully automated beveling, primer removal, or marking processes, such as shipyard panel lines.

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Hydrocut LX

The Hydrocut LX Waterjet Cutting System is a heavy-duty CNC waterjet cutting machine which can easily combine waterjet with other cutting and marking processes, such as plasma cutting, plasma marking, oxy-fuel cutting, ink-jet marking or drilling. [more information]

Alpharex™ AXD

The five-axis ALPHAREX™ laser cutting machine with a working area up to 5 m wide and 40 m long allows large, panel-shaped workpieces to be cut quickly and economically.

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