Avenger X

The Avenger X represents the latest in engineering excellence from ESAB Cutting Systems. This large gantry design delivers the speed, accuracy, and flexibility desired by fabricators, ship builders, and equipment manufacturers around the globe.

Its dual-precision linear ways and high-stiffness fabricated beam structure make it ideal for precision cutting, marking, and beveling. Its high-speed AC drives and oversized gearboxes make it fast, precise, and durable for added productivity.

Available in widths to cover 8 to 18 feet, the Avenger X can carry a wide variety of cutting and marking tools, including precision plasma torches, oxy-fuel torches, plasma or oxy-fuel bevel heads, punch markers, drills, and router stations. It features a heavy-duty 85# floor mounted crane rail system for extreme durability.  Additional options include a rider’s platform, heat shields, and overhead cable track drag bracket.

A maximum positioning speed of 1,400 inches per minute keeps traverse time to a minimum. Combined with ESAB’s high-speed lifters and integrated process control, this means maximum throughput, and lowest cost per part.  The Avenger X features positioning accuracy of +/- 0.010” over a 5’ x 5’ area, and repeatability of+/- 0.003”.

The Avenger X is ideally suited for use with ESAB's m3 plasma system, providing the industry's widest range of capabilities in a single plasma system. The new m3 system offers precision, production, and sever cutting modes with current ranges from 20 up to 600 amps, cutting gauge material up to 6" thick. The fully integrated m3 system is completely automated by the Vision™ CNC, for quick setup and easy operation.

The Avenger X may be equipped with up to 12 oxy-fuel cutting stations. The Advanced Electronic Gas Control System uses electronic proportional flow control valves for Cutting Oxygen, Preheat Fuel Gas, and Preheat Oxygen pressures.  By setting and adjusting gas pressures through the Vision CNC, this system makes oxy-fuel cutting easy to setup and simple to use.

The Avenger X gantry is ideal for multiple process tool stations, and even routers. The stiff, accurate gantry, dual-linear rail guiding system, and precision drives allow for fast accurate cutting, drilling, and marking. Several different process tools can be mounted and used on the same part, accurately and automatically.

The Avenger X can be equipped with plasma or oxy-fuel bevel heads for accurate bevel cutting on a wide variety of plates and materials.  ESAB's plasma bevel systems are the industries most accurate plasma bevel system. When combined with the m3 plasma system, it produces high quality beveled parts in a fraction of the time it would take to cut and bevel separately.

Avenger X3500400045005000550060006500
Max. Table Width118"
2992 mm
3492 mm
3992 mm
4492 mm
4992 mm
5492 mm
5992 mm
Rail Gauge137.8"
3500 mm
4000 mm
4500 mm
5000 mm
5500 mm
6000 mm
6500 mm
Machine Width*183"
4653 mm
5153 mm
5653 mm
6153 mm
6653 mm
7153 mm
7653 mm
Work Table Height26" - 30"
660 - 762 mm
Machine  Height84"
2133 mm
Parking Area96"
2438 mm
Speed Range2 - 1400 ipm
50 - 35,560 mm/min
Power Requirement230/460/575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3-Phase, 30 Amp, Special input voltages are available upon request
Maximum Tool Configurations0 plasma / 12 oxy-fuel
1 plasma / 10 oxy-fuel
2 plasma / 8 oxy-fuel
4 plasma / 6 oxy-fuel
*Machine Width includes CNC, but does not include the cable chain and its tray, which can be mounted on the floor, or overhead.

  • 3 Axis Gantry with Rack-and-Pinion Drives
  • Reinforced Fabricated Welded Beam for Stiffness and Accuracy
  • Precision Dual-Linear Rail Cross Beam Guiding System
  • Welded, Machined Trucks with long wheel base for added stability
  • Machined Mating Surfaces for high stiffness and accuracy
  • Digital AC Drive Amplifiers for years of maintenance free operation
  • AC Brushless Motors for smooth, accurate motion
  • Precision Heavy-Duty Gearboxes for accuracy and durability
  • Precision Linear Rail Drive Engagement
  • Maximum Machine Speed: 1,400 ipm (35,560 mm/min)
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- .010”, Repeatability: +/- .003”
  • Precision Drive Rack Mounted Directly To Machined Surface For Precise Rack Alignment
  • Adjustable steel rail mounting pads for adjusting height, level, straightness
  • Wide variety of cutting and marking process tools available

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