Since its introduction nearly 40 years ago, the Ultra-Graph has become the industry standard for single-torch contour cutting. Fabricating shops throughout the world have found that the Ultra-Graph’s practical, dependable design lets them cut highly complex shapes inexpensively and accurately.

The Ultra-Graph provides a 60” cutting radius and can be either floor-standing or table-mounted.  A magnetic rotor follows contours of the metal template. It in turn guides the cutting arm and torch with exceptional precision.  Plus, the Ultra-Graph’s tracing system lets you perform most operations in a fraction of the time required with other methods.

Cutting and tracing speeds range from 4 to 150” (102 - 3810mm/m) per minute, depending on the size of the rotor. Rotors are available from 1/8” to 7/8” (3.18 to 22.2mm) in 1/16” (1.6mm) increments.

The Ultra-Graph’s heavy-duty direct drive motor lets you control speeds precisely. You can use the Ultra-Graph for plasma-arc cutting or Plasma, MIG, and TIG welding.

Total cutting control is at your fingertips with the exclusive RC Series. For example, you can extinguish and reignite the torch, right from the control, with no adjustments. Positive-action buttons operate in sequence to handle a variety of other functions as well. Plus, the RC lets you accurately control a wide range of speeds.

The DC Series offers accurate control of wide speed ranges. Solid state, full-wave rectification generates the direct current required for the drive motor.

  • Simple, accurate, magnetic tracing system lets you reproduce quickly and precisely, at speeds from 4 to 150 inches (102 - 3810mm/m) per minute.
  • Variable-speed direct drive motor performs smoothly and dependably. Cut shapes accurately and economically with a single-torch system that’s become the industry standard.
  • Put all machine functions at your fingertips with the RC or DC Series Ultra-Graph controls.
  • 50-90 amp plasma capability

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