Silhouette 1000

The Silhouette 1000 is a cantilever cutting system ideally suited for a fabricating shop or maintenance department needing a high quality, photo-optical controlled shape cutting system.

All the features combine into a system that gives the Silhouette 1000 the precision and stability needed for consistent accurate cutting. Rack-and-pinion drives, rugged cross beam and hardened round rails are standard equipment. Cutting and tracing widths of 4 or 6’ (1219 and 1829 mm) are available. With optional rail extensions and extra tracing tables, length can be established as required for your application.

A moveable tracing table and easy-to-use HL-90 Optical Tracer will let you cut parts faster and easier.

The HL-90 will give you years of dependable service tracing lines as narrow as 0.030” (0.762 mm), at speeds from 2 - 118” per minute (50.8 - 3000 mm/m). Forward offset provides accurate corner cuts, while kerf compensation is adjustable up to ±1/8” (3 mm). Cutting parameters controlled from the HL-90 control panel include: direction of travel; speed; operating mode; power and cutting oxygen.

A Silhouette 1000 has the capacity to accommodate up to five cutting stations. Station configurations can include four oxygen/fuel-gas torches, one plasma torch, or a combination of up to four oxygen/fuel-gas stations and one plasma station. Optional motorized lifts are available as well as a festoon system to ease cable and hose movement along the rail.

  • Rack-and-Pinion Drive In Both Axes
  • Cradle Mounted Round Rail System
  • Standard 15’ (4572 mm) Rail System Yields 12’ (3657 mm) of Machine Travel
  • Five Station Capacity
  • Moveable Tracing Table
  • HL-90 Optical Tracer With Command Mark Slowdown
  • Tracing Speeds From 2 - 118 ipm (50 - 3000 mm/min)
  • Positive Pattern Catch of Ink or Good Quality Pencil Drawings
  • Kerf Compensation up to +/- 0.125” (3 mm)
  • Forward Offset For Accurate Corner Cuts
  • Tracer Mounted Machine Controls (Machine Direction, Cutting Speed, Operating Mode, Power On/Off)
  • Automatic Cutting Oxygen Shut Off
  • Plates Up To 4” Thick (100 mm) Can Be Cut With a Single Oxygen/Fuel-Gas Torch
  • Stationary Cross Drive With Moveable Torch Slide Bar

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