Avenger 2

The Avenger 2 is the most versatile machine in the ESAB product line, providing a heavy-duty gantry structure which accommodates almost every available cutting and marking process.

Large, all-welded end trucks support a machined beam and an independent reinforced deck structure. Up to twelve process stations may be installed, including up to four plasma cutting stations.

The Avenger 2 is also on the leading edge of machine technology, incorporating the industry’s most reliable digital servo amplifiers, AC brushless motors, and precision planetary gearboxes. When equipped with the Vision T5 control, this machine easily becomes the most productive part of your cutting operation.

The Avenger 2 can be configured with up to twelve cutting stations, including up to four plasma stations. Up to twelve powertracks can be installed to carry the station hoses and cables across Y-axis travel.  

Available processes on the Avenger 2 include oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, plasma beveling, oxy-fuel beveling, plasma marking, punch marking, ink-jet marking, zinc marking, and pin-stamp marking. A rider’s platform is another option for the Avenger 2.

The AC brushless servo drive system, which is directly coupled to the planetary gearboxes, allows for the wide speed range of 2 - 1,000 ipm (50.8 - 25,400 mm/min).

Avenger 245
Maximum Table Width173"
4394 mm
5397 mm
6395 mm
7396 mm
8397 mm
9398 mm
Rail Gauge194.1"
4390 mm
5930 mm
6929 mm
7929 mm
8930 mm
9928 mm
Machine Width*235"
5974 mm
6974 mm
7975 mm
8973 mm
9974 mm
11546 mm
Work Table Height26" - 30"
660 - 762 mm
Machine  Height118"
2997 mm
Parking Area96"
2438 mm
Speed Range2 - 1000 ipm
50 - 25,400 mm/min
Power Requirement230/460/575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3-Phase, 30 Amp, Special input voltages are available upon request
Maximum Tool Configurations0 plasma / 12 oxy-fuel
1 plasma / 10 oxy-fuel
2 plasma / 8 oxy-fuel
4 plasma / 6 oxy-fuel
* Machine Width includes CNC, but does not include the cable chain and its tray, which can be mounted on the floor, or overhead.

  • 3 Axis Gantry with Rack-and-Pinion Drives
  • Heavy-Wall Reinforced Box Beam Design
  • Welded, Machined Trucks with long wheel base for added stability
  • Machined Mating Surfaces for high stiffness and accuracy
  • Digital AC Drive Amplifiers for years of maintenance free operation
  • AC Brushless Motors for smooth, accurate motion
  • Precision Planetary Gearboxes for accuracy and long life
  • Precision Linear Rail Drive Engagement
  • Maximum Machine Speed: 1000 ipm (25400 mm/min)
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- .015”, Repeatability: +/- .005”
  • Cross Axis Powertrack Hose & Cable Carriers
  • Heavy-duty, precision machined floor mounted crane rail systemMachined top and side surfaces
  • Machined rack mounting groove for precise rack alignment
  • Precision drive rack mounted directly to machined surface
  • Fully adjustable mounting pads for adjusting height, level, straightness
  • Wide variety of cutting and marking process tools available

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