The innovative VBA-Wrist™ is used for precise and variable bevel and profile cutting of three-dimensional parts such as pipes, domes, profile sections, and plates. A plasma torch is moved in five axes by program controlled AC motors. Fully automated by the Vision CNC, the VBA-Wrist can be programmed for cutting on domes for boiler, pressure vessel, or storage tank ends. The specially designed, compact bevel head allows cutting bevel edge prep angles even on the sides of round domes, creating pipe and nozzle intersections perfectly prepared for full penetration welding.

The function of VBA-Wrist™ follows an entirely new, patented principle.

Unlike many conventional systems, the tool center point (TCP) remains fixed in space during swivelling. The compact VBA-Wrist™ combines high accuracy with high rigidity allowing precise positioning in multiple axes of motion. The integration of VBA-Wrist into the CNC machine system allows easy operation of complex bevel cutting tasks. The cutting parameters are automatically set for various material thicknesses and bevel angles, which makes programming much easier. Fully-integrated process parameters ensure quick and easy process setup and repeatable cutting results.

Save hours:

  • Totally eliminates manual measurements
  • Eliminates manual cutting
  • Reduces time-consuming pre-working for welding and cutting preparation
  • Reduces material handling

Dramatically reduce work piece handling when cutting:

  • Domes for boiler ends, vessels and tank construction
  • Pipe cutting
  • Weld edge preparation
  • Cutting components

Advantages at a glance

  • Single investment – Multitude of applications:Thanks to its compact design, VBA-Wrist™ is suitable for cutting three-dimensional components (3-D contours).
  • Optimum cutting results and minimum manufacturing tolerances: High process accuracy and dynamics are achieved by means of precision linear rail guiding and servo drives.
  • Reduction of manual process steps: Software modules available for cutting pipes and domes increase productivity.
  • Replacement of expensive robot installations: Optional accessories for cutting profile sections are available in swivelling angles of up to ± 110°.
  • Low maintenance costs: The VBA-Wrist mechanics are fully-enclosed for low wear and Low-maintenance.

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