m3 600 Amp Precision Plasmarc™ System

ESAB’s fully automated m3 Plasma™ system offers the latest plasma technology with the precision, versatility, and value demanded by modern lean manufacturers. Each m3 Plasma system consists of three main components: the m3 Gas Control, the PT-36 Torch, and the EPP Power Supply.

m3 Gas Control

The m3 Plasma gas control system is the most advanced gas control system in the industry, featuring precision gas metering and mixing capabilities that support the widest range of plasma cutting capabilities.

PT-36 Torch

The PT-36 Plasmarc Torch features a robust design with high precision torch parts and unique patented features that help operators get the most from every setup.

Power Supply

The EPP-601 Precision Plasmarc power supply provides reliable, efficient output power with fast and accurate current control for the most demanding plasma applications.

Cutting Capacity (inch)

Carbon Steel:

  • Pierce: 2"
  • Sever: 3"

Stainless Steel:

  • Pierce: 3"
  • Sever: 6"


  • Pierce: 3"
  • Sever: 6"
  • 10 – 600A current range
  • Wide operating range for best arc performance
  • High Output Voltage Capacity
  • Higher standoff capacity improves bevel cutting.
  • 600 Amp output rated for 100% duty cycle
  • Fast switching between cutting and marking modes
  • Efficient, high-power factor design
  • Fan-on-demand technology reduces dust intake and extending maintenance intervals

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