PT-37 Plasma Torch

The patented PT-37 torch cuts up to 1 inch material using air as the plasma and shielding gas. Utilizing a blowback start and an electronically controlled pilot arc the PT-37 sets a new standard for starting reliability, cutting characteristics and consumable life.

  • 100% Duty Cycle for enhanced productivity allowing for continuous operation even at maximum thickness.
  • Utilizes a "drawn arc" to initiate the cut which eliminates high frequency interference from the starting circuits.
  • An optional remote starting system allows the torch to be located up to 150' (45m) away from the power supply.
  • Machined torch body with 1 3/8” (35mm) metal handle, available with and without 32-pitch rack to fit industry standard torch holders.
  • Robust machined torch components provide for reliability, durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Metal nozzle and shield stand up to the toughest cutting conditions.
  • Wear parts are available individually, in sets and in value packs which eases ordering and saves money.

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