Vision® 51R

Designed to quickly replace older Vision series controls, the Vision 51R controller combines a solid-state PC based control with the most reliable Windows® based platform ever built. The Vision 51R is an easy-to-use, highly functional control which can be used to control up to four process tools carrying a variety of cutting and marking processes.

Replaces Vision 4x Series Controllers

The new Vision 51R is designed to replace single box controls from the Vision 4-Series, including the Vision 500, Vision 1000, Vision 2000, Vision 2000C, and Vision 3000. The new 4x-interface package offers complete plug-compatibility, so that field wiring is "plug and play". Identical mounting holes also ensures that hardware installation is a breeze. There is no faster way to get up and running with a modern CNC than the Vision 51R.

Controls 4 Tool Stations

With four tool station controls, the Vision 51R can handle most cutting machine applications. This can include plasma, oxy-fuel, and marker stations in any combination of up to four tools. Existing process control I/O hardware can usually be re-used, keeping overall retrofit cost and installation time to a minimum.

Advantages of Upgrading

Take advantage of Windows operating system features such as networking and USB support to enhance communications and program transfer. Handle larger, more complex programs with ease. Dramatically increase program storage capacity and decrease calculation time with the modern PC-based hardware. The Vision 51R’s Windows CE 5.0 Operating System is an extremely stable platform developed specifically for industrial control systems, and the solid-state flash-drive storage system uses no rotating media for outstanding hardware reliability. Operators will also appreciate the higher resolution display and color graphics, color-coded graphical menu, 8-position joystick, speed-control, and process control shortcut keys.

  • Extend the life of your existing machine with a CNC retrofit package.
  • Hardware mount is compatible with many ESAB controls for quick and easy installation.
  • Pre-engineered interface packages minimize your downtime.
  • Eliminates the cost and down-time of maintaining old equipment.
  • Modern user interface makes operation faster and easier.
  • Enhances machine performance with better kerf and path control.
  • Faster processing speed for graphics, shapes, and calculations.
  • More data storage for nests and parts.
  • Better communication options, including USB and Ethernet.
  • Supports modern drive upgrades and plasma systems.

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