Bevel Cutting Processes

In shipbuilding and many other heavy-fabrication industries, precise bevel cuts are essential in the production of parts for welded assemblies.

ESAB’s modern technology makes bevel cutting easy and economical. Program-controlled torches can be moved on multiple axes, while the advanced control units allow extremely precise bevel tolerances.

There are almost endless possibilities with new bevel systems that allow automatic cutting of special bevels and programmable workpiece contours in just one production step.

Bevel Cutting Systems:


VBA Global PRO

The VBA Global PRO is used to accurately bevel plates from 1/4 inch up to 1.5 inch thick.  For dry or under-water cutting with up to 450 Amp plasma.

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Heavy-Duty Rotary Plasma Bevel System

ESAB’s Heavy-Duty Rotary Plasma Bevel System offers variable bevel control through +/- 45 degrees and tactile sensor automatic height control for the most accurate bevel cutting in the industry. For dry or under-water cutting with up to 600 Amp plasma. [more information]


The innovative VBA-Wrist™ is used for precise and variable bevel and profile cutting of three-dimensional parts such as pipes and domes.

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Oxy-Fuel Three Torch Bevel Heads

Three-torch bevel stations make it possible to produce all standard welding edges. ESAB offers a variety of oxy-fuel three-torch bevel heads to suit any application.

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Bevel Excavator

Complicated workpieces, thick materials and highly demanding bevels are the perfect applications for the BEVEL EXCAVATOR.

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