m³ plasma™

ESAB’s m3 Plasma™ system takes plasma productivity to new heights. Now multiple plasma cutting and marking features are available in a single easy-to-use system. You can perform high speed plasma cutting, high precision cutting, plasma marking, thin-plate cutting, thick-plate cutting, dry (multi-gas) cutting, and water injection cutting - all with a single plasma system. This remarkable system can quickly and accurately cut and mark a wide variety of materials.  It can cut as thin as 20 ga. (2mm), or as thick as 6 inches (150mm), depending on which plasma power source is installed.

The m3 Plasma system features the most advanced gas control system in the industry, fully automated by ESAB’s Vision CNC. Great flexibility in selection and mix of shield gases allows an operator to produce the best cut quality on any material. Simply select the material type and thickness, and the Vision CNC automatically sets the start, cut and shield gas pressures and flow rates. Process parameters for most plasma cutting and marking applications are preloaded in the Vision CNC, and custom parameter files can be easily created as needed.


  • Precision Cutting in the ISO 9013 quality range 3
  • Typically 2 degrees or less cut edge angle (Precision Mode)
  • Precision cutting and marking with the same torch
  • Sharp top & bottom edge
  • Virtually no dross


  • Precision thin plate cutting
  • High speed plasma cutting
  • Plasma Marking - without changing tools
  • Thick plate cutting - up to 6” Stainless & Aluminum
  • Dry or Water Injection Cutting
  • Cutting over Dry Table or Under-Water
  • Straight or Bevel Cutting - up to +/- 45 degrees


  • Longer Consumable Life
  • Lower Consumable Cost
  • Fewer Parts to purchase and stock
  • Highly Efficient, High Power Factor Designs
  • Modular System Grows With Your Needs

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