Plasma Power Supplies

Energy for precise cutting

ESAB plasma power supplies allow maximum performance for demanding plasma cutting processes. All the solutions have been developed with the customer focused goal of reduced operating costs for constant high performance with low consumable usage. The use of modern technologies enhances economy by integrating plasma power supplies into complex machine systems that can be individually adapted to specific requirements.


Plasma Power Supplies:


PowerCut® 900 Plasmarc™ Cutting Package

The PowerCut 900 plasma cutting package will take whatever you throw at it, and ask for more. Designed with ESAB Plasmarc technology, PowerCut machines are more powerful and durable than any other machine in their class.

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PowerCut® 1300 Plasmarc™ Cutting Package

PowerCut 1300 makes plasma cutting easier and more economical than ever before, delivering reliability, high production and a wide variety of performance features.

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ESP-101 Plasmarc™ System

The ESP-101 is a multipurpose 100 amp plasma cutting system for mechanized cutting at 100% duty cycle. The ESP-101 uses ESAB’s Smart Plasma concept to provide a plasma cutting console that is ideal for a variety of mechanized cutting applications.

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m3 plasma 200 Amp Precision Plasmarc™ System

The 200 amp m3 Plasma system is ideal for most typical plasma cutting applications, especially those focused on cutting mild steel up to 1.25 inch thick.

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m3 plasma 360 Amp Precision Plasmarc™ System

The 360 amp m3 Plasma system extends cutting capacity for mild steel up to 2 inch, and stainless steel and aluminum up to 1.5 inch.

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m3 450 Amp Precision Plasmarc™ System

The 450 amp m3 Plasma system offers heavy plate cutting up to 2 inch mild steel, or 1.5 inch stainless steel and aluminum.

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m3 600 Amp Precision Plasmarc™ System

The 600 amp m3 Plasma system is recommended for heavy stainless steel or aluminum applications, and allows cutting of those materials up to 6 inch thick using Argon-Hydrogen. [more information]