Cutting and Marking Processes for the Future

Only ESAB offers such a wide range of cutting and marking process options, including all of the major cutting processes: Plasma, Oxy-fuel, Laser, and Waterjet.  Many of these cutting processes are easily combined together on one machine, along with a variety of marking tools, beveling tools, and special devices.  ESAB's ability to fully integrate and control any process tool makes us the perfect partner for productivity and ease of operation.


This process uses a jet of superheated gas created by constricting an electric arc through a small orifice using a compressed gas.  Most conductive materials can be cut with plasma using a variety of different gases. [more information]

Oxy-fuel cutting with flame torches can achieve excellent cutting results on all low-alloy steels. [more information]

Laser cutting lets you process your products with great precision. Complex shapes and intricate contours can be cut by laser quickly and cleanly. [more information]

Waterjet cutting is the most versatile process for cutting all types of materials, and is easily combined with plasma to produce precision parts at a much lower cost. [more information]

ESAB marking tools speed up production times and simplify final assembly by automatically marking the parts quickly and precisely. [more information]

In shipbuilding and many heavy fabrication applications, precise bevel cuts are essential in the producing cut parts that feed into welded assemblies. [more information]