Plate Marking Processes

ESAB marking tools reduce production time and simplify final assembly by quickly and automatically marking the parts while they are being cut.  All marking process parameters are set automatically from a built-in process database and the CNC program defines the marking and cutting sequence for optimum accuracy and speed.

This not only lower the costs to produce these parts, but also dramatically increases productivity compared to manual marking methods.

Available Plate Marking Processes:


m³ plasma™

ESAB’s m3 Plasma™ system takes plasma productivity to new heights. Now multiple plasma cutting and marking features are available in a single easy-to-use system.

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Plasma Marking

Plasma marking is a high speed marking process ideal for producing lines and text on mild steel and stainless steel.

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Punch Marking

A simple, rugged, and reliable device, similar to an industrial pneumatic hammer, using a hardened steel tip to impact the plate surface.

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Air Scribe Marking

The Scribe Marker is a simple, rugged and reliable device that is ideal for high-speed, high accuracy marking.

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Inkjet Marking

The Inkjet Marking System provides highest possible text marking speeds in a non-impact automated plate marker.

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