Cutting Machine Controls 

Developed for Shape Cutting Machines and Processes

ESAB's Vision® family of CNCs for cutting systems is designed specifically for controlling shape cutting and marking processes on a cutting machine.  Each CNC is specially adapted to the processes installed on a machine, and feature the highest possible process control integration, making machine operation and part cutting as easy and automated as possible. 

Cutting Machine Controls:


Vision T5

The Vision T5 is a powerful, easy-to-use CNC designed specifically for shape cutting machines.  It supports the entire range of cutting tools, including plasma, oxy-fuel, water jet, or laser cutting, and controls the most complex processes stations such as beveling, drilling, plate marking and labeling.

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Vision® T5c

The Vision T5c is a single-box retrofit version of the Vision T5, designed to quickly and easily replace older Vision series controls with a powerful, easy-to-use, touch-screen CNC.

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Vision® 51

This controller combines a solid-state PC based control with the most reliable Windows® based platform ever built. The Vision 51 is an easy-to-use, highly functional control which can be used with all major cutting processes.

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Vision® 51R

The Vision 51R is a single-box retrofit version of the Vision 51, designed to replace older Vision series controls with a modern, reliable Windows® based system.

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