General Fabrication

Solutions for wide ranging challenges

Fabricators large and small demand easy-to-use, flexible cutting machines to support the constantly changing work flow of metal fabrication. ESAB’s customer focus has led to the introduction of many new machine, control, and plasma and oxy-fuel process features designed to provide the speed, quality, precision, and reliability needed to compete in an ever tightening marketplace.

Products for General Fab:



The Ultra-Line is a Portable Straight Line Cutter for use with oxy-fuel or plasma cutting torches. [more information]


The Ultra-Graph is a reliable single torch pattern cutter for use with oxy-fuel or plasma torches.

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Silhouette 1000

The Silhouette 1000 is ideally suited for a fabricating shop or maintenance department needing a high quality, photo-optical controlled shape cutting system. [more information]

Acer DX

The Acer DX is a unitized plasma cutting machine ideal for precision plasma cutting of 5 x 10 or 6 x 12 sheets up to 1.5 inch thick.

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Combirex™ DX

The new Combirex DX gantry cutting machine covers cutting widths from 5 to 10 feet, and up to 60' cutting length, carrying up to 1 plasma or 4 oxy-fuel torches.

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Sabre DXG

The Sabre DXG is a heavy-duty, low profile gantry designed for high speed plasma and oxy-fuel shape cutting with up to 2 plasma or 8 oxy-fuel stations over cutting widths up to 14 feet.

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Avenger X

The Avenger X large gantry design delivers the speed, accuracy, and flexibility desired by steel service centers, fabricators, ship builders, and equipment manufacturers.  It covers working widths up to 19 feet and unlimited length with up to 12 process tools.

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Avenger 2

Heavy-duty large gantry for oxy-fuel, plasma, beveling, and marking, over cutting widths from 14 to 30 feet.

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Hydrocut LX

The Hydrocut LX Waterjet Cutting System is a heavy-duty CNC waterjet cutting machine which can easily combine waterjet with other cutting and marking processes, such as plasma cutting, plasma marking, oxy-fuel cutting, ink-jet marking or drilling. [more information]